Puerto Rico

A full 4-day itinerary mixed with adventure and relaxation.

Where to stay:


La Concha Resort

We arrived late at night so you can only imagine our jaw-dropping faces when we opened our curtains to this amazing view. I can definitely tell you that getting an ocean front room was well worth the few extra bucks.Who needs those fake sounds of the ocean to put you to sleep when you can just open your sliding door and hear mother nature herself.

Located in Condado, this resort was more than ideal for us. With Old San Juan to the West, Santurce to the South, and Isla Verde to the East, travelling to any of these spots was just a taxi ride away.

What to do:

Eco Tours: Zipline/ Waterfall Rapelling

The very first thing on our agenda was driving out to El Yunque Rainforest to go ziplining and waterfall rappelling. We chose to go through Eco Tours for this specific adventure and I’d have to say that we were thoroughly satisfied with our experience. The tour guides were beyond friendly. Their goofiness made our trek through the rainforest that much more enjoyable, but don’t think that their quirkiness pulled them away from being extremely cautious of our safety.

We were all very hesitant on the rappelling part, but trust me when I say it was an adventure of a lifetime. Our tour guides were more than willing to take our cameras to capture our bravery as we rappelled down the waterfall. Let’s be honest, when will you ever really get another opportunity to rappel down a waterfall? So take the chance while you have it.


La Placita de Santurce/ Old San Juan

If you’re looking to really get immersed in the island night life, go to Plaza del Mercado. Here, the locals surround themselves with good company alongside the beers in their hand. The streets flood with people dancing to the music that overflow from the nearby bars.

We found ourselves going to another well known spot for live music and salsa dancing, Nuyorican Cafe. Located off of one of the cobblestone alleyways of Old San Juan, this cafe was a bit of a mission to find. Once you arrive near the cafe, the sounds of the live music will lead you to your destination.

El Morro/ Old San Juan

One cannot visit this beautiful island without knowing its history and what better way to learn than from visiting one of its most well known historic sites, El Morro. Allocating a few of your vacation hours here is well worth it.

Also, don’t forget to take a walk around Old San Juan. Catching a ride on the free trolley is always a bonus, but don’t be afraid to get your exercise in. The cobblestone streets along with the pastel colored buildings will have you mesmerized.

Bacardi Factory

My drink of choice is Dragonberry Bacardi, so of course I’m going to jump on the chance of taking a tour of the Bacardi Factory. Complimentary cups and shots who could ask for more?

Farmer’s Market at Parque de la Ventana al Mar

Having a beach front access was more than enough of a perk. However, our location came with an additional bonus, a Farmer’s Market in the park steps away from the resort. This market features traditional dishes that will have your taste buds screaming for more. You will forever dream about the plate of paella, the roasted pork, and the freshly opened coconut you tried at this market.


Club Brava

If you are looking for a place to dance the night away, you have found the right spot. Similar to the clubs out in LA, Club Brava provides a fun and vibrant atmosphere where you can let loose and have a good time with friends under the sounds of the newest hits. Make sure to dress to impress as they won’t let you through the doors without looking the part.

Just outside the club you can find the Lobby Bars. Here, the salsa dancers show off their moves to those who are sitting enjoying the live music. If you are lucky like me, you can check off one of the things on your bucket list and be taught how to salsa dance by one of the locals.  Don’t be afraid to try this out!


Kayaking the Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo

Kayaking in the pitch black with only a glow stick on the kayak in front of you to lead your way does not sound so appealing, but when you are surrounded by glowing water you would be willing to experience this more than just one time. It is something straight out of a fairy tale. But fair warning, you want to make sure you put a coat of bug spray on.


Isla Verde

Puerto Rico has many wonderful beaches to lay out on, but Isla Verde was definitely my favorite. With bath-like temperatures, you will probably want to stay in the water way past the point of getting pruney hands.

Where to eat:


If I could make this a morning routine, I would. This delicious breakfast coupled alongside a cup of coffee was the best way to start the day.







El Jibarito

A hearty meal that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet! A must try at this restaurant is the trifongo.







Jose Enrique

Absolutely the best meal I had in Puerto Rico was at this restaurant located in Santurce. If I could try everything on the menu I would have. Each bite was a piece of heaven for my taste buds. There will most likely be a wait, but it is definitely worth it.



What better way to end this Puerto Rico trip than a meal on the beach? This restaurant is a little more on the pricier side of the spectrum, but as the saying goes, treat your self.


  • Depending on what time of the year you are visiting, I would suggest packing a poncho in case the weather takes a turn. It definitely came in handy while we were out in El Morro.
  • Pack bug spray and hydrocortisone cream for when you are out in the rainforest or kayaking in the biobay.
  • Bring a waterproof case for your phone or camera. You will most likely spend a lot of time out in the water, whether it is in the ocean, in the pool, or trecking through the rainforest.
  • The most important tip of all for any trip you take is to really immerse yourself in the culture and make sure to take the time to really reflect on where you are and how lucky you are to experience everything that you are experiencing.

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